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Bonafide RS117 (Rise 117) Fishing Kayak: ON WATER TEST!

Duration 11:11

Website: The new Bonafide Rise 117 prototype (RS117) paddles like a Bonafide and it has the stability one would expect...

Rise Up - Andra Day - "Bona- Fide" Mime

Duration 19:58

BonaFideMime #LookAtGodMinistry #AndraDay #RiseUp #MartinLitherKing Xavier Cofield of “Look At God Ministry “ mime to Rise Up by Andra Day.

Bonafide Vlog #1 - RISE of the RS117

Duration 07:29

In the Bonafide Blog #1 follow Justin through the process of assembling our newest sit-on-top fishing kayak, the RS117, and see how it performs on...

Bonafide's New RS117 (Rise 117) Kayak (ACK at ICAST 2018)

Duration 05:27

Check out the latest from ICAST with a walkthrough of Bonafide's new RS 117 kayak.

Bonafide Kayaks SS127 | Set Up

Duration 11:10

In this video James talks about his Bonafide Kayak SS127. And how he had it set up for the 2018 season. Keel Protector ...

How to Adjust the HiRise Seat on the Bonafide SS127 While on the Water

Duration 05:29

In this video, Hans our Design Manager talks about how to move the HiRise Seat on the Bonafide Kayaks SS127 from the high position to the low...

Bonafide Kayaks EX123 Expedition | Initial Impressions and Outfitting

Duration 04:04

In this video I do a quick walkthrough of some of my initial rigging and thoughts on the Bonafide EX123. I have used this kayak for a little over a...

bonafide kayaks SS127 | 2019 setup

Duration 15:44

In this video Josh go's over whats new on his Bonafide SS127. Get your OneObjective hat ...

OneObjective RS Motor Mount | Bonafide RS117

Duration 02:50

In this video Josh talks about the new OneObjective RS Motor Mount. This Mount allows you to mount a trolling motor to your Bonafide RS117. And it is...

Bonafide Kayaks RS117 Overview

Duration 05:19

Whether lake fishing, river fishing, inshore or offshore fishing, the Bonafide RS117 “RISE Series” is truly an incredible fishing kayak, ready...

Bonafide Kayaks RS117 at iCast 2019

Duration 01:30

Bonafide Kayaks RS117 One of my favorite Bonafide Kayaks, and I'm finally able to do a full walkthru of this boat at iCast! it is a great value for a...